Please obtain the Paramotopy source from the Github repo for it.

Building Paramotopy from source has the following dependencies:
  • Bertini, both the parallel executable program, and the serial library.
  • Boost.Filesystem, Timer, System, Chrono, Regex.
  • GMP.
  • MPFR.
  • MPI. Recommended: MPICH2.

If you are using a Mac, consider using Homebrew or MacPorts to install the dependencies, where possible.
Paramotopy is not currently offered in pre-compiled binary form. Sorry! If you need help compiling from source, please don't hesitate to send email to the authors for assistance, or better yet, please start an issue on Github. We use the autotools for compilation, so ./configure, make, make install pattern is in full effect here.

Also, if you have knowledge of how to portably compile so we can distribute executables without inducing library hell on our users, advice is welcome.
You probably should be aware of the license. Paramotopy is free to read and use, but not for redistribution after modification. This is similar to the current terms of Bertini 1's license.